Alex B. Cone - CEO / Alpha Geek, CodeFab LLC; consultant, Apple

"Alex B. Cone, CEO / Alpha Geek, CodeFab LLC; consultant, Apple

Alex Cone been working with Cocoa and related technologies since their infancy - when it was still called NeXTstep. In 1991 he founded a company (Objective Technologies) that built NeXTstep developer tools and financial applications using NeXT technology. When NeXT was bought by Apple, he started a new company named CodeFab that built large web based applications using the NeXT-Apple WebObjects toolkit and Mac desktop apps using Cocoa. Alex has done several years of direct consulting for Apple in Cupertino coding and managing developers on the Apple Online Store..

When the iPhone SDK came out Alex pulled all of CodeFab's developers in from around the country for an in-house 'kitchen' on iPhone development. They spent most of a week around the big conference table building small apps until everyone was comfortable with the development tools. CodeFab has been focussed on doing iPhone and other mobile solution consulting ever since and has more than more than a dozen applications available in the App Store. Additionally, in 2008, Cone and CodeFab spent 6 months creating the software and internet infrastructure for Medialets, a mobile ad network specifically targeting the iPhone.

Since the end of 2008 Alex Cone has travelled widely doing lectures and training on iPhone application development, training over a hundred students for the iPhone Boot Camp. He and a team of developers from CodeFab have been working with Barnes & Noble to develop the Nook for the iPad and iPhone and the just finished Kids Nook for iPad"

CEO / Alpha Geek, CodeFab LLC; consultant, Apple

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