Augustine Fou - Founder, Digital Strategy Institute

"Augustine Fou, Founder, Digital Strategy Institute

Dr. Augustine Fou is the Founder of the Digital Strategy Institute and former Group Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom's Healthcare Consultancy Group. Dr.Fou has over 16 years of management consulting and digital strategy consulting experience, advising CMOs, marketing executives, and global brands. He has pioneered the application of the Unified Marketing™ framework to optimize marketing across both traditional and digital channels and tactics.

Dr. Fou is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU in the School for Continuing and Professional Studies and at Rutgers University at the Center for Management Development, where he teaches courses on digital strategy, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and integrated marketing to executives. He is a frequent panelist, moderator, and keynote speaker.

Dr. Fou completed his PhD at MIT at the age of 23. He started his career with McKinsey & Company. He writes a monthly column on Integrated Marketing for, and can be found on @acfou."

Founder, Digital Strategy Institute

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