Jesse Gilbert - Dark Matter Media llc, Sound and software designer

"Jesse Gilbert, Dark Matter Media llc, Sound and software designer

Jesse Gilbert, composer, digital artist, software and sound designer, works in sound and software design creating flexible tools that are activated in live performance via network interaction, or in installation settings. His work has recently focused on multi-channel immersive environments, composing for the moving image, and real-time electronic music performance using custom sampling software.

Gilbert has created a visual instrument (SpectralGL) that employs his interactive software system to generate real-time 3D animation in response to live or recorded sound. SpectralGL reveals the structure of sound in a visual language. The SpectralGL performer thereby may generate dynamic 3D images that places the observer in a visual relationship to the process of listening.

Gilbert's engagement with the software design process centers on the deconstruction of rational processes, usually resulting in variable interfaces that emphasize the intuitive, the recursive, and the fluidity of human/computer interaction.

Gilbert's work has been shown widely in the US and abroad; venues include Färgfabriken (Stockholm), Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijón), the Whitney Museum, New Museum (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art and CEAIT Festival (Los Angeles), net.congestion (Amsterdam), Ars Electronica, and Kunstradio's Recycling the Future (Austria), PORT (MIT, Boston) and in www. streaming video performances. His work is part of a permanent installation developed by Mode Studios for Microsoft at the Redmond, WA campus."

Dark Matter Media llc, Sound and software designer

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