Marco Tempest - Technoillusionist and Winner, 2010 Merlin Award for Best Contemporary Magician

Remember where you've been. It's next to impossible to stay where you are Although it may SEEM as though heÕs already been everywhere, Marco is still very much in the process of progress, and still Ògoing placesÓ fast! HeÕs been performing since the age of 8Éwon the World Cup of Magic at age 22, and has gone on to perform around the world in a variety of venues. His Òcyber-illusionÓ show is the only one of itÕs kind on the planet, and in great demand, with Marco performing an average of at least one major corporate event or special gala every week.

Marco has already been seen on over 50 major international television shows, from London to Tokyo to Zurich to New York, Los Angeles, BarcelonaÉalmost anyplace you can think of. Some highlights include DisneyÕs Night of Magic on the Disney Channel, Champions of Magic, shot in Monaco for ABC Television (USA), The Best of Magic on Thames Television, and the recent International Digiglobe Awards taped in Hanover, Germany. Currently one of the busiest performers in the business theatre market, Marco has been a favorite on stages worldwide for many years. Casino audiences have been delighted by his work in both Atlantic City and Monte Carlo. He has been featured at such prestigious show palaces as BerlinÕs famed Wintergarten, the Theatre Princess Grace in Monaco, and Theatre CarrŽ in Amsterdam. Working in scales ranging from a 3-minute act up to his own full evening of grand illusion spectacular, Marco has truly covered the Òfull rangeÓ of the entertainment market.

In the business world, many of the worldÕs leaders in the high-tech industries have found MarcoÕs work to be the perfect way to present their newest products and innovations -- to their own staff members and to the public at large. Such giants as Panasonic, Sony, Apple, and Lucent Technologies have used his services time and time again. Internet giant America On Line used Marco to introduce their newest browser to the European market at EuropeÕs largest high-tech trade show. In the automotive industry, Marco has used his next-generation illusion technologies to present the hottest new cars for Audi, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi, to name just a few, at events ranging from private party product launches for local dealers to some of the largest auto shows in the world. MarcoÕs ability to take living human beings into any kind of virtual space imaginableÉincluding inside the human bodyÉhas made him a favorite with many leaders in the health care and pharmaceutical industry, including Johnson & Johnson, Parke-Davis, Pfizer, Searle and Alza Corporation.

Ever growing, ever exploring, ever developing -- with Marco, itÕs always wise to expect the unexpected. You wonÕt be able to guess where heÕs going next, but you can bet it will be filled with innovation, wonder and excitement! If you would like a more complete listing of some of the places Marco has been in the past, please click the button at the right in order to view (and print, if you like!) a copy of his extensive resumŽ.

Technoillusionist and Winner, 2010 Merlin Award for Best Contemporary Magician

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