Melissa Alexis Dalmau - Chief Visual Officer, Xtreme Electronics Systems

"Melissa Alexis Dalmau, Chief Visual Officer, Xtreme Electronics Systems

Ms. Dalmau has over nine years experience working with auto-stereoscopic 3D technology and fifteen years working in the field of information technology. She founded her own a IT consulting company in 2001, for which she was the President and Lead Network Engineer, configuring and designing Cisco Systems and Microsoft networks.

In 2003, she was introduced to auto-stereoscopic technology by her father, Fernando Dalmau and co-founded Xtreme Electronics Systems, Inc (XES 3D). She is the driving force behind the engineering and development of new platforms, applications, proof of concept designs, and prototypes. In 2009, she was hired as a consultant for a major retailer in Panama to design, develop, and implement an auto-stereo 3D DOOH Ad Network. This opportunity led to the development of the first prototype Chromatic Light Deflector lens technology. As a result, the confluence of these opportunities allowed her to establish and integrate multiple optics labs for 3D display assembly.

She leads a world-class content production team, which includes designers in Miami, NYC, Milan and Tokyo. Recently, she has expanded XES's capabilities with the addition of a software development company, focusing on mobile application development to supply the burgeoning demand of content for 3D Mobile devices. This will create many new and patentable technology standards, frameworks and licensable content for world-wide distribution."

Chief Visual Officer, Xtreme Electronics Systems

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