Michell Zappa - Designer and technologist

Michell Zappa is a London-based technologist and designer originally from Stockholm, who has spent part of his life in S‹o Paulo and Amsterdam. He holds a BA in Social Communication and has worked for advertising agencies and the trend forecasting bureau trendwatching.com.

His true interest lies in thinking about the future of technology and how society adapts to its rapid change. In 2008 he presented a keynote about (then) emerging technologies in S‹o Paulo, and the idea of professionally thinking and writing about emerging technologies and accelerating change stuck with him.

Currently, he is developing and designing a framework for visualizing the future of technology, attempting to demonstrate for different areas of research cluster -- and speculating about when said technologies are bound to become mainstream.

The current iteration of the visualization, which can be found here is evidently subjective, but nonetheless attempts to facilitate other researchers to see the connections between seemingly disparate areas of research. Envisioning these correlations is key to predicting potential solutions and imagining where humanity is headed.

He is studying toward becoming a systems-thinker with a distinct outlook on how technology transforms society. He hopes to see this research being applied to human-centered design and strategic development of products, scenarios, and policy.

Designer and technologist

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