Pen Hadow - Director, Geo Mission Ltd.

"Pen Hadow, Director, Geo Mission Ltd.

In 2003, Pen Hadow entered the record books when he became the first and only person, to trek solo, and without outside support, from Canada to the Geographic North Pole.

His first polar experience dates back to 1989, when, while working for a sports agency, he partnered a polar explorer photographing polar bears on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Since then, Pen has clocked up more than 15 years of polar experience and has watched with dismay the changes taking place in the Arctic. In 1997 Pen organised, inspired and secured most of the funding for the first all-women's relay to the North Pole, thereby enabling 20 women, with no previous polar experience, from all backgrounds and age groups, to reach the Pole.

In 2009 Pen led the first Catlin Arctic Survey. For his role in the expedition, Pen became one of Time magazine's Heroes of the Environment along with colleagues Ann Daniels and Martin Hartley. He established Geo Mission later that year."

Director, Geo Mission Ltd.

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