The membership of the World Technology Network is composed of over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, academics, policymakers, etc., and over 200 organizations/companies, spread out over 60 countries. With the exception of a small number of founding members, they are mostly short-listed Nominees and/or Winners for the World Technology Awards, held annually since 2000. Fellows are those who have been short-listed nominees and/or Winners of the Awards in the individual award categories and are, barring unusual circumstances, elected as WTN Fellows for life. WTN Corporate Members are short-listed nominees or winners of the Awards in the corporate award categories and automatically become members of WTN for one year (re-evaluated on an annual basis for their overall contribution to the network).

Membership can only occur through the annual Awards process, in which individuals and companies are selected via the judgment of the the current WTN Fellows.

Namesort descending Category Country
Darlene Damm Space
Jack Dangermond IT Software United States
Norman Daniels Ethics United States
Lusine Danielyan Biotechnology
Adel Danish Design
Michael Danquah Biotechnology
Cathy Davidson Education
Char Davies Arts
Robert Davies Social Entrepreneurship
Joe Davis Arts
Richard Dawkins Ethics United Kingdom
Paul De Marinis Arts United States
Didier De Saint Pierre Education Chile
Allen DeBevoise Entertainment
Tom DeMarco IT Software
Joseph DeSimone Health and Medicine
Jean-Claude Decaux Environment France
Deep Space Industries, Inc. Space
DeepMind IT Software
Alex Dehgan Policy
Ronald Deibert Policy
John Deighton Marketing Communications
Karl Deisseroth Biotechnology
David Del Ser Social Entrepreneurship
Peter Denning IT Hardware United States
Matt Denton Entertainment
Madhukar Deshpande Social Entrepreneurship India
Development Alternatives Environment
Gajaraj Dhanarajan Education Malaysia
Jane NĂ­ Dhulchaointigh Design
Peter Diamandis Space United States
Erika Diamond Environment
Ariel Diaz Education
Dee Dickinson Education
Daniel Didrick Health and Medicine
Robbert Dijkgraaf Policy
Lisa Dilg Ethics
Jennifer Dionne Materials
David Ditzel IT Hardware United States
Chris Dixon Finance
Corey Doctorow Media and Journalism
Toshi T. Doi IT Hardware Japan
Toshitada Doi IT Software
Bruce Donald IT Software
Jack Dorsey IT Hardware
Shannon Dosemagen Social Entrepreneurship United States
Hen Dotan Energy
Jiayi Dou Biotechnology
Jennifer A. Doudna Biotechnology United States
Stan Douglas Arts United States
Dow Chemical Company Materials

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