The membership of the World Technology Network is composed of over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, academics, policymakers, etc., and over 200 organizations/companies, spread out over 60 countries. With the exception of a small number of founding members, they are mostly short-listed Nominees and/or Winners for the World Technology Awards, held annually since 2000. Fellows are those who have been short-listed nominees and/or Winners of the Awards in the individual award categories and are, barring unusual circumstances, elected as WTN Fellows for life. WTN Corporate Members are short-listed nominees or winners of the Awards in the corporate award categories and automatically become members of WTN for one year (re-evaluated on an annual basis for their overall contribution to the network).

Membership can only occur through the annual Awards process, in which individuals and companies are selected via the judgment of the the current WTN Fellows.

Namesort descending Category Country
Marvin Ammori Law
Lori Andrews Law
Chinmayi Arun Law
Ian Ballon Law
John Banzhaf III Law
John Perry Barlow Law United States
Susanne Beck Law
Robin Blatt Law
James Boyle Law United States
Thomas Bruce Law United States
Dan Burk Law United States
Tom Burton Law
Thomas Burton Law United States
Ryan Calo Law
Mzondi Chirambo Law
Morgan Chu Law United States
Philip Chung Law
Danielle Citron Law
Julie Cohen Law
Cindy Cohn Law United States
Susan Crawford Law
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar Law
Rebecca Eisenberg Law
Gerry Elman Law United States
Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin Law Belgium
William Fisher Law United States
William Fisher III Law
Kelly Frey Law United States
Eric Goldman Law
Paul Goldstein Law United States
Graham Greenleaf Law Australia
Christopher Holman Law
Bernt Hugenholtz Law
F. Scott Kieff Law United States
Mark Lemley Law United States
Mark Lemley Law
Ronaldo Lemos da Silva Jr. Law
Zoe Lofgren Law United States
James Love Law
Peter Martin Law
Silvio Meira Law United States
Peter Menell Law
Robert Merges Law
Andrew Mowbray Law
Yukiko Nakayama Law
John Palfrey Law
Abdul Paliwala Law
Erica Palmerini Law United States
Frank Pasquale Law
Daniel Poulin Law
Randall Rader Law United States

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