Nomination Guidelines and Criteria

The World Technology Awards Guidelines and FAQ

  1. How do I get nominated?  Where do the nominations come from? 
    Nominations come from three sources:

    a. The WTN Fellows (ie: previous winners/finalists)

    b. The WTN internal subject matter expert

    c. You (individual), or a representative of your company (corporate) self-nominate your innovation

  2. What are the nomination guidelines and criteria?  

    The World Technology Awards are presented each year to individuals & organizations -outstanding innovators from each sector within the technology arena, conducting innovative and impactful work with the greatest likely long-term significance in the fields of science, technology & other related disciplines.  If you believe your innovation would be recognized among your peers as being cutting-edge or breaking new ground in your field, then your innovation is ideal for nomination.

  3. My innovation doesn’t easily fall within one of the categories.  How do I decide which to nominate it under?

    We recommend looking at the description for your category of work:  If you still can’t decide, please contact us and we’ll help you determine which category your innovation best fits.

  4. How are nominations judged and winners determined?

    Nominations are judged on the degree of which the work is innovative and impactful, with the greatest likely long-term significance in the fields of science, technology & other related disciplines.

    a. How nominees become finalists:

    The WTN Fellows judge and vote on all nominees in each of the categories associated with their field of expertise to determine the finalists for each category. 

    b. How finalists become winners:

    Winners are selected from each category of finalists by The WTN. 

  5. What submission material do I need after get nominated?

    There is no additional submission material required beyond the nomination form, in order to become nominated. If you are selected to be a finalist, you will be asked for a brief bio and a photo, and if applicable, a bio of your company or institution, for corporate nominees.

  6. Why am I charged a fee to submit a self-nomination or corporate nomination?

    Nomination fees only apply to out-of-network nominations.

    The World Technology Network is designed as a virtuous cycle of fellow technology experts nominating and judging new innovators. There is no fee for internal & fellow selected nomination which is intended to include networks of all categories connecting past, present, and future innovators. However, there are often new developments that are out-of-network and thus requiring external self-nomination in order to be recognized. These out-of-network self-nominations require a processing fee.

  7. What should I write in the “nominee's innovation" section on the nomination form?

    This is a place for you to write an overview of the innovation/product, explain how it breaks new ground and how it will impact the respective industry category. You can also include a link to your website or online publication with the description of your innovation in the form.

  8. When and how will we be notified if we are selected as a finalist?
    We will notify all finalists in October 2018.

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