The World Summit on Technological Unemployment



The World Summit on Technological Unemployment is a powerful marketing tool for effectively positioning your organization to (and network with) an extraordinarily high-level target audience. The World Summit on Technological Unemployment is the first high-level forum and workshop for thought leaders across all disciplines and domains designed to begin the critical task of confronting the vast challenges ahead. The goal of the Summit is to create a proactive partnership of the brightest minds in academia, government policy, industry, and the media that will construct a framework to define, measure, and ultimately craft solutions to the jobless future that increasingly threatens our global workforce. Thought leaders in academia, government policy, labor, journalism and industry are urged to participate in this seminal event.

Whether you choose to sponsor, exhibit or present a demonstration, the WTN will work with you to ensure maximum exposure for your product, service or message. We will do everything we can to help you achieve your marketing goals. In 2015, the opportunity to network has never been more valuable and the premium on learning has never been higher. Partner with us and borrow our community. We are excited to explore what we can do for you.

Sponsorship Contact:  Adam Lennon  |  |  (917) 992-9231

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